Add a Gorgeous Addition to your home with Lucite Drapery Rods

Getting each room of your home to perfect specification can often be a chore. From deciding on the right size of curtain, to matching colors, to hanging the curtains – decoration can be a hassle. Once you’ve selected the drapers, you’ll need the hardware to install them properly.

Here at First Impressions, we offer a wide selection of Lucite drapery rods to assist in making every room of your home look extraordinary. Unlike general drapery rods that can crack or come apart after a year or so, our drapery rods are durable, long-lasting, and can be made to match the color or style of any décor.

The Lucite that we use in all of our designs is clearer than glass, and much more durable. Each rod protects against chips, cracks, and other damage, so you can feel confident with your drapery rods year after year. Each rod is also UV-resistant, so placing them in a sunny room will not cause damage.

Customization is our expertise here at First Impressions, and we can make our Lucite drapery rods to your exact specification. We specialize in odd lengths and special requests, and use CAD drawing to perfectly hone each detail on our hardware. In addition to drapery rods, we can also create other hardware to spec, such as brackets and rings.

Much of our catalog has been inspired by designs that customers have brought in, so if you have a specific need in mind, we will do our best to accommodate. To find out how we can help you with your specific drapery rod needs, contact us at First Impressions today so we can help every room of your home look its best.